"My wife and I have lived in the Southeast Michigan area for many years, and when time came to enter the world of real estate, a colleague recommended Karolynn Schofield for our real estate needs. This was over four years ago and we have been lucky to have gotten to know Karolynn on a personal level and reap the benefits of having her representation for our real estate dealings. We have had Karolynn involved with two property purchases and have drawn advice from her for our rental property needs. We cannot recommend her highly enough for any real estate need and will never be represented by anyone else. Karolynn has earned our trust and business and has worked hard to develop an unmatched reputation for being one of the best in the business.
(Professionalism/ Connections)
Karolynn is the consummate professional. She is always prompt, on time and very well prepared. With Karolynn in your corner, there are no surprises. You can be assured that all documents and properties are thoroughly reviewed and inspected to ensure that your interests are protected. Karolynn has been in the business and the area for a long time; this means she has developed relationships with agents, builders and other organizations that will certainly work in your favor and protect the investment you are about to make. She is well respected by her colleagues and other real estate professionals, ensuring that your interactions with other entities will be honest and in good faith.
In terms of courtesy and interpersonal skills, Karolynn is warm and energetic. She is never without a smile and her engaging personality leads to instant rapport with clients, agents and others involved in the real estate transaction. Customer service comes naturally to her and you will instantly find that your interests are her priority. Karolynn treats everyone with respect and kindness and in turn, your interactions with others are met with equal respect and professionalism. These factors, without a doubt, translated to significant dividends when negotiating the terms and conditions of our transactions.
As important as integrity, professionalism and customer service are in any realm, there are intangibles that are difficult to measure, but yet can be the difference in the success and satisfaction of your real estate endeavor. Karolynn’s experience, tenacity and intuition are your ace in the hole. She has an uncanny ability to gauge your preferences and apply them to the current real estate market. Her intuition and experience mesh with her tenacity and dedication to ensure that properties and negotiations are fruitful, efficient and in your best interests. You’ll be assured that if there is a property or home out there for you, Karolynn will find it.

When navigating the world of real estate and the complexities of the documents and transactions, it is vital that you have someone on your side to look out for your best interests. It’s even more important to have someone in your corner to tell you when you might be making a mistake, or to tell you that you should pursue an opportunity. Karolynn does this with the utmost integrity and honesty; she will not hesitate to advise you when to take or leave an opportunity- even if it’s not what you what to hear. This is a testament of her commitment to integrity and loyalty to her clients. Trust is difficult to find these days, in particular, the world of real estate can be daunting and intimidating. Karolynn will earn your trust and use it to make your experience pleasant; you’ll be confident and at ease knowing you have her on your side.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to representation in the real estate market and it’s difficult to really know who you can trust with such an important issue such as purchasing a home or property. Karolynn has earned our trust and business and we would never think of working with anyone else. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone with credentials that match Karolynn’s.

- Dr. Robert Pompa and Donna Pompa

"Karolynn made our buying experience incredibly easy. Karolynn was in constant contact with us before, during and after the sale, and explained everything to us in a way that we could understand. We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in the Ann Arbor area."

- Lori and Josh Brunskole

"Karolynn was a wonderful agent who was very personable and patient with us while we were searching for our fist house. She found exactly what we were looking for and helped us find a home that fit our budget perfectly. I would recommend Karolynn to anyone looking for a home."

- Velko and Jaime Severkoski

Thank you so much for everything! You made buying my first home easy. You were always on top of everything so I was stress free. I also appreciate your honesty and hope you are still around in a few years when I’m ready for my 2nd home!"

- Take Care, Julie

Thank you so much for helping me find this wonderful home (and for introducing me to Ann Arbor)! I deeply appreciate the guidance that you provided me throughout this amazing adventure. I could not have done it without you! If you ever need anything geek-related or anything at all, I’ll be in that beautiful craftsman house, or in that brick building coding away."

- Sincerely, Jamie Pitts

Thank you so much for all you have done for us throughout the past few months. Little did you know that becoming our Realtor would involve feeding a newborn, entertaining a toddler, becoming our gardener, and so much more! We truly appreciate all of the work you did for us. You are a wonderful, kind person and we so enjoyed working with you. We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know and will be in touch."

- Jen, Ryan, Jack and Archer (and Bella) Gates

"Dear Karolynn,
OMG!! Words cannot describe how blessed we feel that we happened to find you so many months ago (cold months too!). This whole experience was “almost” all wonderful from the beginning to end. Thank you for all your patience and understanding and for always listening. I think this home will bring a lot of blessings and good fortune to the Miller family. Be proud that you have helped change the life of a family,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

- Tara and Christopher Miller

"Karolynn Schofield was a wonderful agent who was very personable and patient with us while we were searching for our first house. She found exactly what we were looking for and help us find a home that fit us and our budget perfectly. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home."

- Velko & Jaime Severkoski, Buyers, Pinckney

"Karolynn was a valuable asset to us finding our home here in Ann Arbor. She was always responsive and available to us by phone and email. I was impressed by her constant enthusiasm, positive attitude, and attention to detail. Her follow-thru with details was very reassuring knowing that all aspects of our purchase were being addressed. I would confidently recommend Karolynn Schofield to anyone looking to purchase a home."

- Dr Michael and Cynthia Hagan

"I would highly recommend Karolynn to help you buy your next home. She is highly knowledgeable about the intricate details of purchasing a home: from the market, to the neighborhoods, to the house itself, and
(of course) the closing process. Karolynn is also pleasure to work with! I had a very complicated home buying situation and Karolynn really helped me get through it."

- Jamie Pitts, Buyer, Ann Arbor

"Karolynn was referred to us early Fall of 2010, right off the bat, she was able to take control and started helping us look at houses that met our needs. We closed on a house at the end of December 2010. Karolynn was able, in a few months, find the house we wanted and needed in the price range we were looking for. We gained a solid house that also passed appraisal with no issues.

Previously, we had been trying to work with several realtors for close to four years. We had houses not appraise and could never find what we wanted in a house because previous realtors weren’t able to understand our wants and needs or were not up to date on the latest market trends.

Karolynn is an outstanding individual with regards to personality and knowledge. She has helped us whenever we had questions or concerns. All phone calls and email inquiries have been handled in a timely and professional matter. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has access to excellent resources. She is always friendly and helpful and keeps in touch even when there is no problem to be addressed. She has always been a great mediator and keeps all parties informed of any progress. Karolynn is a high energy and a very “up-beat” individual.

We highly recommend Karolynn to anyone that is looking for the perfect home and that would like someone who is patient, professional and able to get the job done. We not only bought the house we needed, but also the property had exactly what we wanted."

- Michael and Dana Barnhart, Buyers, Saline

"Karolynn worked diligently to help my wife and I close on our first home, a beautiful, quaint two bedroom ranch. With Karolynn's help we were able to negotiate a complex short sale, within a matter of weeks, that I think would be have been impossible otherwise. Our success was due to both her dedication to her work and her reputation amongst other realtors in the real estate community for being a conscientious buyer's agent.
Karolynn's intuition and the intimate understanding that she develops of her client are extraordinary. Shortly after explaining to her in detail what we were looking for, she directed my wife and I to the perfect home for us, the one that we would eventually purchase. Karolynn guided us through the paperwork process and made us feel confident with each decision we needed to make. It was a great pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her services to other potential home buyers."

- Adam Patterson, Buyer, Ann Arbor

"We are the proud owners of ONE home. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication through not only this process but for once again helping us find our current home as well. I know there was a lot of frustration and red tape to get through and we owe all of the progress made to you. As far as I am concerned you are a master of your craft and the reason for where we are today. We can't express how truly appreciative we are for all you have done."

- Ryan and Jennifer Gates, Sellers and Buyers, Salin

"Karolynn Schofield was both our buyer realtor and worked with us after we purchased a condo in Ann Arbor to find the ideal rental tenant. During the Purchasing of the condo, Karolynn did an excellent job helping us prioritize the best purchase for our current and future needs. Our criteria for purchase were wide ranging (investment, rental property, use for child’s student housing, future retirement etc.). She helped us work through our decision process to buy the right property for our needs.

After we had purchased the condo and we put the unit on the rental market, Karolynn represented us impeccably. She put together a detailed, targeted and multimedia marketing plan. Karolynn was on top of the marketing plan, the screening process (applications, employer checks, introduction to condo association, etc) that Karolynn used to make sure we found the ideal client will pay dividends well into the future.

Karolynn's professionalism and ability to relentlessly pursue all options and getting the answers to our questions were the primary reason for us successfully closing two profitable deals. Both deals exceeded our expectations and Karolynn earned every penny of her commission!

- Fritz and Beth Hyde, Purchaser, Investor, Ann Arbo

"Having bought five homes over the years, we expected no real surprises with what we hope to be our final search. We knew Ann Arbor and had done our homework on its housing market. Aware that Ann Arbor is a “hot” market, we anticipated the search possibly taking more time, but otherwise mirroring other smooth experiences.

It turned out that Karolynn was the perfect person to guide us over what became a rocky and uphill course to our Ann Arbor home. Having listened carefully to our preferences, Karolynn worked doggedly to identify listings in the narrow geographic area we had defined. The dearth of listings in that area, especially those not entailing significant renovation and updating, prompted Karolynn to introduce us to other carefully selected locations which broadened our view of how we could meet our goals. Her patience, perseverance and down-to-earth approach helped to push the search forward even as the market proved to be very tight in the expanded areas we considered.

A very resourceful agent, Karolynn both made suggestions and asked probing questions to help us think about and evaluate various options, careful never to push in a particular direction. As frustration mounted with failed offers on two properties, Karolynn worked with her colleagues and contacts to bring new options to the table, even contacting homeowners in a neighborhood to see if any had plans to sell in the near future. In the end, it was one of these that developed into an accepted offer. Not only did we conclude a successful search, but the condo we purchased was in the area of town we had initially focused on but come to think of as unrealistic and out of reach. What a happy outcome!

In addition to her expertise in the housing market per se, Karolynn has a wealth of information and insights about other resources in Ann Arbor and is very generous with her time and energy in facilitating connections to make the transition to a new home and area easier.

While Karolynn went above and beyond in the things she did in her role as Buyer’s Agent, perhaps her most outstanding attribute is her overall attitude toward what she does. She is straight-forward, resilient, energetic and upbeat, and she is fun! We consider Karolynn not only a great real estate professional, but a friend who can be counted on to advise, support and laugh with you. We highly recommend her!

- Susan and Craig Ramsay, Buyers, Ann Arbor

"After the first time we went house hunting with Karolynn, I thought she would fire us for sure! We looked at a variety of homes; Mark wanting one thing and me wanting another. We were disappointed in the selection within our price range and, quite frankly, sticker shocked at the prices in Ann Arbor. We seemed to be living a pipe dream but Karolynn never gave up on us. After loosing a bid on one property we decided to discontinue house hunting until we sold our current home in another city. We were feeling panicked about buying a new home before selling our current home. But noooooo! The very next day Karolynn called us to look at another home.

We said, “ no,” but she insisted that we look at it anyway. The home had features that Karolynn knew would please both of us. I looked at the home and Mark put the bid in on it the next day. We didn't know it at the time that Karolynn wrote a letter to the sellers telling them how we were a perfect fit for their home. The owner was a quilter and had a sewing room that I fell in love with. (I also sew.) Mark wanted to live close to The Big House for sporting events.

Well, because of that letter we got the house. We are so pleased and feel right at home here in Saline. It is a good fit for us. This would not have been possible if Karolynn had not taken the time to get to know us. Every step of this journey for us seemed to fit into place like it was meant to be, especially working with Karolynn.

- Mark & Susan Rose, Buyers, Saline

"Just wanted to let everyone know that Karolynn was my first and only choice for selling my home as I had worked with her to buy it several years previous! She was very insightful in advising ways to high-light my home's finest qualities that would appeal to today's market. These excellent strategies helped me sell my home in an extremely short time. She was extremely punctual, and responsive to all calls, and emails, and always made me feel like I was her number one priority.
Thank you, Karolynn, for all that you went through for us!"

- Madelyn Miller Buyer & Seller, Plymouth

"Karolynn is the best! She provided me with solid straight forward advice for my real estate investments. By giving her the rental audience I was looking for, she knew what locations and what style of housing would be appropriate for me to purchase. Even though it took some time to find suitable investment property, I had no idea that it could still be as much fun as it was. Her broker was not kidding when they call Karolynn as the buyer's best choice! Every step of the way, she answered my questions about location and condition of the property in a no-nonsense, practical approach.

I'd recommend Karolynn to anyone that believes buying and/or selling a home should be seen as one of the most important decisions anyone will make."

- Lynn Matt 4 Investments, Ann Arbor

"I would like to thank you for the extreme level of dedication and professionalism that you have shown during the purchase process for my condo. From your guidance on the downtown Ann Arbor market, to the active search for available properties, to the steadfast work on any and all issues that arose, the service was truly second to none.

At a time where a personal approach to business is often not seen, I believe your ability to represent my interests fully while working with all parties involved in an honest and respectful way to find solutions was the only reason that the transaction was successful. I would personally recommend your services to anyone looking to buy without hesitation."

- Boyd McKenna Buyer, Ann Arbor

"We recently made the decision to relocate to better accommodate our growing family, and ultimately chose to build from ground up. Working with Karolynn as our buyer's agent with a new construction home was instrumental as she focused on our specific needs, rather than just working with a sales person from a single development. Her knowledge of all our options enabled us to see different communities, builders and styles of homes to pick the one that was best for us. She was really focused on our needs throughout the process and helped us make the best decision for our family."

- Matt and Lesley Schofield Buyers, Saline

"We are very happy with the professional and friendly service that Karolynn provided us during our search for a new house. We were first time home buyers, so we relied a lot on Karolynn's years of experience and knowledge during our house search. We had many questions and worries about buying our first house, but Karolynn was so great with answering all of our questions and giving us advice. She really gave use the confidence we needed in choosing a house and I was very impressed at how quickly she replied to all of our questions. I never waited more than a day before getting answers to all of my questions that I asked her.

I was very pleased with all of the advice and tips that Karolynn provided us during our search. She took the time to really understand what my wife and I wanted in a house, and the houses that she would arrange to show us fit into our search criteria or "wish list". I really appreciated the fact that Karolynn would point out BOTH the positives and negatives of each house during the viewings. I really felt that she was on my side throughout the entire process and wanted what was best for my family, instead of just trying to sell us a house. I never felt any pressure to buy from her, and I really did feel she was more of a friend to us rather than our realtor.

I would definitely recommend Karolynn to any of my friends and family. She went above and beyond all of my expectations and her professional service really gave me the confidence I needed in buying a house."

- Mike and Rie Hong, Buyers in Saline